Reasons For Frequent Septic System Backups

If your household depends on a septic system for waste management, you must ensure it functions correctly to facilitate seamless waste management. However, if you have been experiencing frequent septic tank backups, it shows your septic system has a problem. So, what's behind the frequent septic tank backups? Read on to find out. Flooding or Heavy Rainfall Areas that receive heavy rainfall are notorious for frequent sewer backups. It gets worse if the rainwater isn't diverted away from the septic tank or drain field.

Does Your Septic System Need Replacement? What To Know

You might think that your home's septic system is one of those things that will last forever if you just need to keep it pumped and maintained. However, that's not really the case. In fact, your septic system may need to be replaced in certain instances. It's important to understand the expected lifespan and other signs that your septic system needs to be replaced. Here's a look at a few common reasons to replace your septic system.

3 Things Septic Tank Pumping Professionals Recommend To Avoid Sewage Backup

Although installing a septic tank is associated with various benefits, you can also experience backups if you are not careful. Sewage backups can expose your loved ones to serious health risks and damage to your home. Remember that though your septic tank relies on bacteria to ensure proper waste disintegration, these bacteria are dangerous when they leave the tank. For this reason, it is crucial to call the septic tank pumping professionals immediately if you experience backups in the system.

Roots In Your Septic Tank Can Cause Problems

The wastewater in your house has to go somewhere when it goes down the drain. If you live in the city, it is likely that it goes into the sewer lines. If you aren't on the sewer lines, then you probably have a septic tank that the wastewater drains into. The septic tank is buried near your house, and then has a drain field where the water eventually filters out. In most cases, your septic tank and drain field will have no problems, but occasionally you might have problems with your tank, and those problems could be caused by the trees in your yard.

3 Plumbing Issues You Should Call Your Plumber To Address

Even as a handy person, you cannot handle all plumbing issues in your home. Sometimes trying a DIY fix will only worsen the problem. Calling your plumber to address complicated plumbing issues ensures damage gets fixed right the first time. Here are five plumbing issues you should contact your plumber to address.  1. Clogged Drains If any of your sinks take a while to drain water, you should call your plumber to take a look at your drains.